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Watch Dada Hafco’s classic video of his single ‘Bedianko’

Dada Hafco has finally unleashed the official music video for the hit single ‘Bedi Anko’ featuring Paa Kwasi and directed by Kenn Ayiah.

Dada Hafco undoubtedly defines real High-Life music; his music videos do contain and portray the rich Ghanaian culture. The new music video for his hit single ‘Bedi Anko’ which featured Paa Kwasi is finally out and it’s a blessing to every Ghanaian eye and will get appreciated by those who respect the true Ghanaian culture.

The music video for ‘Bedi Anko’ as directed by Kenn Ayiah, saw Dada Hafco and Paa Kwesi in a beautiful world of Kente colours with dance choreography which represents us as the people of Ghana. We wondered how this music video might look like; but Dada Hafco and his team pulled a perfect surprise which is also something the High-Life fraternity will value.