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Two arrested in connection with Tamale gang violence

Police have arrested two persons in connection with the two day fatal clashes which began on Thursday night and escalated through Friday where some impoverished structures used as smoking joints suffered a rash of arson attacks in a counterattack by the gang who lost a member in the violence.

Kasapa News sources said before the deadly Thursday night, members of the gangs had a misunderstanding on Wednesday at a different location over a Samsung mobile phone where they exchanged threats.

One gang accused a member of another group of stealing the phone and confronted him at a popular smoking joint in the city. The confrontation turned violent after the accused denied the accusation but was quelled by other people who were at the scene smoking.

The group met again the following day at a popular drinking bar near the 1st November School where the quarrel was renewed. About eight members of the group who leveled the accusation engaged the accused who was in the company of another member of his group. Sticks, stones and other objects were used in the clashes that went on for many minutes till one person was stabbed in the chest with an object believed to be a knife at about 10:50pm that night.

Members of the gang also attempted to kill the suspect but he managed to flee after the incident. The gang infuriated and in the quest to exert revenge went on a burning spree razing down smoking joints that have ties with the other gang. Two structures were invaded and torched by the armed gang who wielded weapons on Friday.

Kasapa News visited one of the joints found inside a walled toilet on the Bi water road at Gurugu. Burnt grasses were seen on the floor. Woods used to build the structure also suffered the fury of the gang. It was uprooted and crashed to the floor, wooden benches and other sitting tools were destroyed.

Gang related violence and retaliations have surged in recent times in the regional capital. Most of the incidents happened inside the forest reserve which has been turned into a smoking hub and hideout for criminals who are even on police wanted list.

Though there are no official records of gang related homicide, Kasapa News has observed that there is a dramatic increase especially in the forest reserve where people get killed on mere suspicion of theft.

Police have identified the deceased as 28yr old Mutala Bawa. Police said he was impaled with an unidentified object through his left chest by a minor Shanunu Mohammed a known drug addict currently on the loose.

Investigators said the phone which sparked the fatal fighting belongs to one Hardi Doctawie Ninia who belongs to the same gang with the deceased and other six who attacked the suspect and his friend at the bar.

The owner of the phone and one other named as Hamdan Abdallah were arrested by the police and are currently facing charges of unlawful assemble. Police added that investigations were underway.