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My family stopped me from dropping ‘Pono’ video – Lord Paper

Ghana “sex” icon Lord Paper who became instant star within a few hours of dropping his debut music Video “Awurama” has revealed on AM Pluzz with Sammy Flex that his family stopped him from dropping the video of his new song “Pono”.

According to Lord Paper, the video portrays what pornography is and what pornography is not. And to him, that comes across as very explicit.

He further said his family this time round decided to screen the video and they realized it was too “raw” and went on to advise him not to put it out.

“My family watched the video and they think it is too explicit so they asked me not to drop it” he said.

Lord Paper who has come under serious negative criticism States that he wants to be the seen as a musician who portrays what he sings about in his video. So if the song is about sex, we will see sex in our videos and if it’s about love, we see love in the video.